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The Game Console War

It's 1989, Nintendo released its first console, the Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES for short. This video game console has taken the country, or rather, the world by storm. Now, instead of going to the arcade after school, children are running home and playing games like Mario and Zelda for hours on end. Not only did the kids and teenagers of the world love the amazing and futuristic video system, but adults everywhere found their new favorite pass time. Fast forward some 15 years, and video games have evolved passed what anyone could ever imagined. People are making hundreds upon thousands of dollars by simply playing games as the XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3, or PS3, release. These consoles have brought a whole new meaning to an entertainment system, introducing things such as Kinect and PlayStation Move in which a camera tracks your movement to give you an even more surreal experience while playing video games. Now, imagine that all of that could be taken even further. Well, it is now 2015, and it has. Last year we saw the release of the PlayStation 4 and XBOX ONE. These consoles are the next-gen, new and improved predecessors to the early 2000's consoles.
Both consoles excel in different areas. The XBOX ONE was designed to be the ultimate entertainment console, while the PlayStation 4, also known as the PS4 for short, was designed to be the ultimate console for playing video games. So, which console is better overall? Different people have different opinions, but opinion aside, one console has to win the console war! Let the battle begin..

The Controllers
One of the most important aspects to compare between the two is the controller. It is probably one of the most important piece of equipment in making the gaming experience to the next level. In terms of ergonomics, it is safe to say that both are better designed than its predecessors. The XBOX ONE controller have over 40 design innovations. The changes include D-Pad, and rumble effect through “Impulse Triggers” The PS4 controller comes with a front touchpad, and a mono speaker. It allows a new way to interact with games. Developers are searching ways to optimize this technology into new control schemes in games.
Because PS4 is making larger steps in the changes, we hand this one to PlayStation 4.
ps4 controller
Sony DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4

Xbox One Controller
Microsoft XBox One Wireless Controller in Black

So, in terms of entertainment, which console is better?
The PS3 actually won in this case years ago, because it had Blu-Ray player, and, well, who doesn't want BlueRay? The XBOX 360 significantly lacked in this department, because Microsoft really focused on the video game aspect of the console. This generation the XBOX ONE came back swinging, adding Blu-Ray, along with DVD, an interface designed to support NetFlix or Hulu. Along with these major streaming companies, Microsoft also brings their own TV shows and/or movies renting service. Not only did the XBOX add BlueRay and an improved streaming system, but you can actually watch cable through your XBOX. That is, given that you have a cable box- and an extra HDMI, but hey, it's the thought that counts, right? Okay, so what does Sony and its PlayStation bringing to the table this generation? Well, it has BlueRay, NetFlix, and Hulu Plus. It also has a renting service, but not thee super cool console to cable features. 
xbox one
As terribly anticlimactic the XBOX ONE's cable system may be, it definitely wins this category in favor of Microsoft.
Now, which one performs better?
If you can still say that the XBOX ONE's job is to play video games, that is. Well, if we look at the specifications of both consoles, the PlayStation 4 wins. Why? While they do both bring some fairly similar hardware to the table, the PlayStation takes the cake.

The PS4 runs an 8 core 1.6 GHz processor, which actually gets beat by the XBOX One's 8 core 1.75 GHz processor. However, the PS4 boasts a 1.84 teraflop GPU that's based on AMD's Radeon technology. This XBOX ONE also uses AMD Radeon, but pumps out 1.31 teraflops.

The specs for RAM are not as close. The XBOX ONE uses 8 gigabytes of DDR3 memory, while the PS4 raises Microsoft with 8 GB of DDR5. One thing to note in this situation, however, is that while both consoles promise you 8 GB of memory, neither actually provide that much for game developers to work with. The PS4 reserves up to 3.5 GB of memory for its operating system. This means that developers only get to use about 4.5. Sony claims that developers can use an extra 1 GB of memory, but that is only when the extra gig is available. Microsoft also does this, however, they allow the developers to use 5 GB of memory, with no flexibility in that number. So, Microsoft allows developers an extra 0.5 GB of memory, with exception of the rare chance there is an extra GB to take advantage of with the PS4. Even with this, Sony is using DDR5, making the extra 0.5 GB considerably irrelevant.
Because of the graphics potential and better RAM, Sony takes the prize in this category.

Gaming library
One last thing to think about is that Microsoft has a considerably better online multiplayer experience. Not only is it easier to talk to your friends online, but Microsoft also has exclusives like Halo and Forza, which all provide hours of online multiplayer fun. Sony, though, has a fantastic list of single-player exclusives to combat that with. It has game titles like Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn, Wolfenstein, or really just any game from Naughty Dog. Overall, both consoles have fantastic game library!

ps4 gamexboc game
Shop PS4 and XBOX ONE games

So, what’s the verdict?
From looking at the different areas of the product, it does show that the XBOX ONE wins over in the entertainment and App features. However, the PS4 takes home the performance and controller. Priceza thinks that both consoles are still a great choice, but this time, the winner goes to PlayStation 4 for overall performance and upgrades!

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