Wonderful Gifts to Celebrate Ramadhan 2015

Last updated 17 May 2016

The joyful festival of Ramadhan month is here again. It is the time of reflecting upon ourselves, and also bonding with our family members. Let’s prepare for the Ramadhan 2015 homecoming with these wonderful gifts recommended by Priceza!

Something for the Whole Family
Everyone loves a new gadget. Great deals are on during the Rhamadhan month. Here’s some of the top recommended products from Priceza.
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The Samsung Note 4 is one of the hottest products this month. This Android powered smartphone offers high-resolution screen, delivering a stunning image and video quality. The main rear camera is 16-megapixel with the 3.7-megapixel front camera. No matter if you are taking a beautiful scenery or a selfie, the Galaxy Note 4 will product amazing images. The stylus allows the owner to accurately draw and select text and content on the screen. Just edit, save and send to all your family members!
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iPad Mini 3
With the update coming later this year from the iOS 8 to the iOS 9, there is no better time to upgrade your table than now. The iPad Mini 3 has a sleek and timeless design. The new iPad Mini is light and smaller in size, perfect for the person who loves to be on the go. The screen is 7.9 inches with 2048 x 1538 pixels, giving the screen amazing quality for games, reading, or watching movies. The new Apple iPad makes a great gift for anyone in the family!
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Nikon COOLPIX P340 Digital Camera
Looking for a great camera without all the bulkiness? This Nikon camera is compact yet full of power. This 12.2-megapixel low-light powerhouse camera will capture the perfect family moments even challenging lighting situations! It is easy to use, therefore anyone in the family can be the photographer.

Family Entertainment
Make your gatherings even better with these home electronics.
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Bose CineMate 15 Home Theater Speaker System
Enhance family traditions whether it is listening, singing or watching old videos together, the Bose loudspeaker will bring sound to life. Its small size and simple design will fit easily in front of your TV without being a distraction to your living room décors.
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Samsung 48” Smart LED TV
A heart-warming movie surely brings everyone from all generations of the family together. This Samsung TV offers high quality images, bringing a whole new standard of quality. The large 48 in screen is perfect for streaming movies and watching sports. The TV also comes with the Smart View 2.0 technology. You can effortlessly connect your smartphone with the TV to stream videos or even showing off your images to the whole family.
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Keep the kids occupied with the PlayStation 4 game console. Not only that it is a great console, but it is also a media player for your DVD and Blue-Rays. You can play PS4 games and also your favorite movies while the kids are asleep. It is a win-win!

New Furniture and Home Appliances
Prepare you house for the guests with a new furniture and decorations to make sure the house is clean for the Ramadhan month.
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Robot Vacuum
When family gathers, a lot of things can happen. Be ready for any water spills or food stains after a family cook out with a new vacuum. This I-ROVA Robot Vacuum Cleaner K6 automatically cleans up dirt and dusts in the house without you breaking a single sweat. Just turn the power on and let it do all the job. This way you will have more time during the day to do what actually matters.
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Hesstar Portable Air Conditioning
Family visits can be crowded. Keep everyone comfortable all the time with a portable air conditioning. This portable air conditioning is perfect for any room in your house that needs a little extra cooling. It is mobile and easy to store. It has the cooling capacity of 9000 BTU. It also has a remote control for the 3-speed control setting. The noise output is low, great for cooling any bedroom.

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Foldable Sofa
Catch up with your family members with a new sofa that will surely make everyone comfortable. Whether it is a family TV time during the day or transforming it into a bed at night, you are prepared for anything. The foldable sofa is great for both lounging and as an extra bed.
Extra Wardrobe
Get organized for you and your guests with a new wardrobe. Fill it up with extra pillows, blankets, or towels for your guests and have your house staying tidy and relaxed during the Ramadhan. This wardrobe is waterproof and dustproof, perfect to be installed at any place within the house.
Kitchen appliances for meal preparations
One of the best places to spend with your family is in the kitchen. You could be cooking your favorite dish for your family, or passing down family recipe to your kids, kitchen is where memories and bonds are made. Be prepared for your special meals with these recommended appliances!
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Electrolux Induction Cooker
Whip out family favorite meals with the induction cooker from Electrolux. The cooker comes with a 9 power level settings and 2000 Watts. This is ideal for maintaining a consistent low-heat or switching back to high-heat boiling within a short amount of time. This induction cooker gives you all the control you need to perfect your recipe. The small cooker also allows easy storage and perfect for travelling.
Butterfly Air Fryer
We are becoming more and more health conscious. Unhealthy deep-friend snacks are definitely one of the crowd favorites. With the Butterfly Air Fryer, pleasing the crowd becomes easy and healthy. The air fryer “fry” the food with high speed air circulation without using any oil! Your night snacks will come out crisp and juicy without worrying about the cholesterol. You no longer have to sacrifice taste for a healthy meal.
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Samsung 2 Door Refrigerator
Prepare your meals early or stores the leftovers with the Samsung fridge. Prepare your vegetables, chopped onion, and dates, then store them in the freezer to lock in freshness and will save you time when cooking. The Samsung refrigerator produces low noise while also using much less energy than conventional compressors. The new Digital Inverter Compressor from Samsung makes more than 5 different moving cycles to maintain constant temperature in the fridge. The cheap electric bill is also backed by a 10-year warranty from Samsung. 
We hope you will have a wonderful time with your family during this special month of Ramadhan!

Check the products below for more great gifts for Ramadhan.

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