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Last updated 17 May 2016

The newest GoPro Hero4 models are much better than ever before. The GoPro has been changing the way we record videos, which allows us to see new places from the angles that we have were unable to do with traditional camcorders. The GoPro Hero4 comes in two editions, the Black and Silver. They both have Bluetooth connectivity and plenty of great new features. The photo and video modes and the video quality have also been improved in the GoPro Hero4 Silver and the GoPro Hero4 Black. Before we look at the differences between the two models, let’s take a closer look at the Hero4 and its new features!


Highlights of the New GoPro Hero4


Both the Silver and the Black GoPro Hero 4 cameras have Bluetooth capabilities and come with built-in WiFi. The same type of MicroSD card is used by both. Features on both types of GoPro camera allow you to take 12 megapixel pictures and get up to thirty shots a second for still photos! The quality of the amazing 12 MP camera will allow you to capture more details than ever, whether it is a video footage or a just a snapshot.

 gopro camera
GoPro allows you to connect your smartphones through Wifi and Bluetooth.
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The GoPro Hero 4 has 2 additional mount options, Music or Surf. The Surfboard mount is perfect for those who wants to get amazing surfboard POV. It can be attached to the venter fin socket. The Music mount can be attached to almost anything, from guitars, turntables, drums, to keyboards, you will no longer miss an unforgettable moment.

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GoPro Hero Black with surfing mount.
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Other GoPro accessories can be found right here.

Twice the Performance Than Any Other GoPro!

The new Hero 4 has the processor that is 2x the power than the Hero3+. You will get better images while also getting faster video frame rates. With the new GoPro upgrade, many elements during the footage will be even better. You will get richer and more detailed results. Not only that, many features and technologies have been improved including, audio and wireless connectivity. The new audio system allows the camera to capture high quality sounds with twice the dynamic range.

Even better results in capturing all the smaller details!
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New and Improved Settings

The Hero 4 lets you explore and capture images and video in a whole new perspective. The “Night Photo” and “Night Lapse” are new features of the Hero 4. The modes allow customizable exposure setting. It can be adjusted up to 30 seconds for a single time lapse photo. With the setting, you can record light trails and much more during low-light situations! Here’s a tip, mount your GoPro to a stable ground, grab a flashlight, and draw an image during time-lapse with the camera!

An example of a night time-lapse when using the GoPro.
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The “Auto Low Light” mode is also another feature that will make your footage on GoPro even more amazing. Without adjusting the settings when you’re in a difficult lighting situation such as low-light, the camera will do all the thinking for you. The Auto Low Light mode automatically changes settings such as frame rates based on the kind of lighting you are in. Therefore, you can move between dark and bright environments effortlessly.

Time-lapse photography can be done in daylight or when using the night mode and the Protune mode can be used for still images and for videos. The great thing about Protune is that it allows optimal control over the camera settings. You are able to adjust colors, ISO, white balance, exposure and even sharpness.

Even Wider Angle Video

Although GoPro cameras have been known for its ability to capture great images with a wide-angle perspective, the Hero4 is better than ever before with the SuperView. This technology is exclusive of GoPro cameras. The situations where the SuperView is ideal for are activities like watersports, motorsports, etc. Basically, in any situation that are not “edge-sensitive.” The downside to the SuperView is that the picture near the edge of the frame will stretch quite a bit. Therefore, you should keep that in mind when taking a big group selfie.


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GoPro Hero4 Black vs. GoPro Hero4 Silver

If you are thinking about to upgrade from a previous model, or want to buy your first GoPro camera, you now need to know which of the two new GoPro 4 models will be best for you. They have the same qualities but there are some significant differences between the GoPro Hero 4 Silver and the GoPro Hero4 Black.

High End Video Modes

The latest GoPro Hero 4 cameras can record up to 4K video in full HD and both of them have a slow motion mode. 
The difference between them is in the high end video modes. The GoPro Hero 4 Silver allows you to shoot 4K at 15fps while the Black version is much faster at 4K AT 30fps. The GoPro Hero4 Black can record 1080p at 120fps while the Silver will only go up to 60fps.

This means that the Black version can produce the highest quality video in a high end mode. If you need a premium or professional quality with even faster frame rates, then you should go with the Black edition. However, you do need to be aware that this will take up a lot of space for most types of memory cards. Therefore, you should pack extra memory card, or make sure to buy one with lots of memory. However, this does not mean that the Silver edition is not a great choice for recording videos, but the Black is simply better if you are needing the best possible quality in video.


Time-lapse shooting can be done easily by placing or mounting a GoPro to stable ground!
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Built-In Touch Screen and Free Mobile App

The Silver GroPro Hero4 camera has a touch screen built in on the back. This LCD screen provides a touch menu as well as a live screen image. You can use touch screen controls to frame shots and preview photos, play back and review video footage. This LCD screen can be turned off when not in use and will drain the battery if it is left on.

With the GoPro Hero 4 Black, it does feel like a blind point and shoot, but it works well with a wide-angle lens. The camera does not have a built-in LCD screen but a LCD BacPac is available as an optional accessory for the GoPro Hero 4. It attaches a touch screen to the back of the camera and gives you everything you would normally get on a GroPro Hero 4 Silver model.

The disadvantage of fitting an extra screen to a GoPro Hero 4 is that it makes the camera bulkier and adds more weight, which could be a big concern for some. Moreover, when you clip on an extended back it uses up a lot more battery power. A better option might be the free GoPro mobile application. Videos can be played back and photos can be reviewed by using this free app. It will also give you a live image view on a tablet or mobile phone with wireless connection and you can use it to get a more precisely composed shot for either the Silver or the Black GoPro Hero 4 models.

Not only that you can use your smartphone as a viewfinder through Bluetooth or WiFi, you can also upload contents directly from your GoPro to the Internet!

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Audio Specifications

Both cameras types use AAC compression to record at 48 kHz. Sound quality is improved by the internal multiband compressor, but for top quality audio the GoPro Hero 4 Black has built-in ADC (analog to digital convertor) which works with an external microphone and can give you studio-quality sound. If you are a musician who need a footage with better audio recording for concerts or other activities that are audio based, then the Black edition is definitely a better choice for you.

Both types of GoPro camera have an internal mono microphone. You need to buy a plug-in adapter (mini USB to 3.5mm) if you want to record in stereo using an external microphone.


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Battery Life

The same type of battery on both versions will provide less than two hours shooting time. However, the Black drains more battery than the Silver.

Here’s a little comparison chart for you:

Video Mode  Estimated Time for Black  Estimated Time for Silver
2.5K 30fps 1:10 1:50
1080p 60fps 1:20 1:40
720p 120fps 1:50 1:55


As you can see, the Silver edition has a much better battery life. Thus, if you need an action camera that can perform for an extended period of time, then the Silver will be a better fit for you. You can also get a BacPac battery add-on to extend the battery life of your Hero4.


The Black version weighs a little more than the Silver, but only by less than 0.2 ounces (under 5 grams). This should not be a defining factor. However, do keep in mind that the Black edition does not come with an LCD, meaning that the GoPro Hero 4 Black will weigh a little extra if you need to attach the additional screen. Both types are of the same size and have the same waterproof housing for the camera.

Which Is The Best GoPro Hero 4 Camera For You?

GroPro Hero cameras share many similarities and you will get great pictures and video using either of the new versions.

• The Black edition is best for top end video with 1080p at 120fps or 4K at 30fps.
• The Silver one is better if you prefer a camera with built-in touch screen that provides a live view. (This is more convenient but it does use a lot of battery power.)
• The Silver is probably the best choice if you want to give a GoPro camera a gift. (Remember to keep the receipt!)
The Silver costs 20% less than the Black, so you get all the quality and most of the features at a lower cost. If the price of the Silver is too high, you can always get an entry-level GoPro camera at a lower price. The Hero+ LCD and the basic Hero are also very good cameras.

The big advantage of using a GoPro Hero camera is that you are not aware of what it is actually recording at the time. You are able to purchase extra GoPro straps or GoPro mounts that will suit your acitvites! This means that they are great action cameras which you can happily point and click for great results.

gopro hero4
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GoPro Malaysia Availability

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