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Digital Cameras Casio : *1 *2 *1 Converted to 35 mm film format.  *2 Based on CIPA standards. LET’S ENJOY SELFIE! EXILIM Making your activities even more fun Separate the len...
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Digital Cameras Casio : Highlights:NEW 185°angle of view, delivered by a built-in single-focus f/2.8 Dome View lensBy capturing a wider view, this camera broadens the scope o...
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Digital Cameras Casio : The self-expression tool to seek a woman's ultimate beauty. A design that lets you take selfies freely, with a thorough pursuit of functionality.FEATU...
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Digital Cameras Casio : FEATURES Mirror-finished front body Achieve ideal expressions of beauty 2.7inch LCD, 21mm Wide-angle lens, Full HD recording 9 artistic effects: Cryst...
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Digital Cameras Casio : Compare Casio Exilim EX-ZR1200 Digital Cameras Casio from 1 online stores. Price starts from RM 1,599.00 to RM 1,599.00 There are 1 products listed in...
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Digital Cameras Casio : This version is originally intended for sale outside the US and may contain adapters, manuals, and warranties not compatible with US standards. Japan ...
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Digital Cameras Casio : *1 *2 *3 *1 Converted to 35mm film format.  *2 Based on CIPA standards.(Eco Mode : 590 shots)   *3 Based on CIPA standards. Easy to see and shoot. LCD...
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RM 1,599.00
Digital Cameras Casio : 12.1 Megapixels, 12x Optical Zoom.3.0" Super Clear LCD, 25mm Wide-angle Lens.Full HD Movie.Lens Shift Stabilization.Wireless Lan function.Make-up MODE...
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RM 3,098.00
Digital Cameras Casio : Product Description VERSION UP! Make-up Mode provides even higher quality images to enhance the expression of beauty. The make-up function has evolved...
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Digital Cameras Casio : Full payment before posting-Free postage (Pos Laju)MaybankChoo Neng Jin111057093409Warranty Information and Other Terms & Conditions:Casio warrantyIte...
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Digital Cameras Casio : Compare Casio EX-ZR2100 Digital Cameras Casio from 1 online stores. Price starts from RM 1,399.00 to RM 1,399.00 There are 3 products listed in Digita...
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Digital Cameras Casio : Compare Casio Exilim (EX-ZR1100) Digital Cameras Casio from 1 online stores. Price starts from RM 1,380.00 to RM 1,380.00 There are 1 products listed ...
Digital Cameras Casio : CASIO EXILIM EX-FR100BK EX-FR100YW 10.2MP Separate type Digital Camera Monitor Unit Detachable Freestyle Camera -Black, yellow from Japan (CA680ELAAF1...
Digital Cameras Casio : Casio Exilim EX-FR100 Freestyle Digital Camera (White) (CA680ELAA8GHZXANMY-18001307)Casio Brand Sold And Shipped By Lazada
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RM 1,620.00
Digital Cameras Casio : Casio EXILIM EX-FR100L (White) (CA680ELAAITCXEANMY-38903495)Casio Brand Sold And Shipped By Lazada
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RM 399.00
Digital Cameras Casio : Casio Exilim EX-MR1 Selfie Camera White + Micro SD 16GB Card + USB Fan + Iphone Golf Cable (Original Malaysia Warranty) (CA680ELAA8Y4IPANMY-19053306)C...
Digital Cameras Casio : Casio Exilim EX-TR80 TR80 Selfie Digital Camera (Black) (CA680ELAACS0S8ANMY-26790304)Casio Brand Sold And Shipped By Lazada
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6% RM 3,688.00
RM 3,888.00
Digital Cameras Casio : Casio Exilim EX-TR80 White Selfie Camera(Casio Distributor Wty) (CA680ELAAH0DQSANMY-35291959)Casio Brand Sold And Shipped By Lazada
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3% RM 1,567.00
RM 1,599.00
Digital Cameras Casio : Casio Exilim ZR5000 (Green)1 Year Distributor Wty (CA680ELAAFW3XEANMY-32898737)Casio Brand Sold And Shipped By Lazada
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RM 1,068.00
Digital Cameras Casio : Casio Exilim EX-ZR65 16.1MP Digital Camera + 16GB + Case (Original Casio Warranty) (CA680ELAA9EACEANMY-20011221)Casio Brand Sold And Shipped By Lazada

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Casio Malaysia

Based out of Shibuya, Tokyo, the Casio Computer Company, Limited is one of the biggest electronics manufacturers in the world. Calculators, cameras, musical instruments, watches and mobile phones are all among its products, with the world's first compact electronic calculator being one of their early products, coming out in 1957 as the company adapted to new technologies, having originally been founded in 1946.

The founder, Kashio Tadao, was trained as an engineer, and very familiar with the technology needed for large-scale manufacture. At the time, calculators were largely gear-driven, powered by a hand crank or a motor, but Kashio had some ideas for using solenoids instead. He also pioneered the keypad we know today, rather than a larger layout in which as well as individual digits there were full sets of keys for the 10s, 100s, and so on. In addition, to further reduce the required size, Kashio went from having three display windows - two input windows and an answer window - to just one, producing a design much closer to the modern one.

The company would gain massive impetus in the 1980s when their inexpensive electronic equipment, particularly the musical keyboards, shot up in popularity. At the same time the wide range of wristwatches, offering more functions than most and for low prices, was building the reputation of the brand. These watches, digital and analog, were some of the first to use quartz crystals in their timekeeping, somehting which has become the standard. Casio calculator watches, and watches which would display the time across time zones, were also marketed in this period for the first time.

Then, the electronic calculators (particularly their state-of-the-art scientific calculators) and budget digital watches were the biggest parts of Casio's identity. Today, their durable, larger dual function watches - watches with both analog and digital readouts - like the Wave Ceptor and Pro Trek/Pathfinder series, both of which receive radio transmission from the atomic clock to help them mark time. Since 1983, the G-Shock range have also been popular, with the pioneering G-Shock DW-5600C still fetching high prices from collectors over thirty years on. While watches with integral games are no longer produced, they were common in the 80s and 90s.

A market-targeted Casio Malaysia product of today is the Prayer Compass watch, used to help Muslim wearers face the right direction for each of their daily prayers.

Casio released the first digital camera to contain an inbuilt LCD screen for easy review and pioneered other aspects of the digital camera business, including the first ultra-compact, use of ceramic lens technology, and the first 3 megapixel camera for the consumer market.

And their range has only grown as they produce watches, cash registers, illuminators, the Exilim series of digital cameras, film cameras, calculators, laptop and sub-notebook computers, E-Data Bank PDAs and other digital diaries, electronic dictionaries, electronic keyboards, clocks, portable televisions, electronic games and even computer printers. 

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