Wife's Day Off, A guide to Men's Cooking!

Tell a lady that she's got the day off from cooking and she'll be the happiest woman on earth! At least for that day.
22 Sep 2016   1,075

How To Choose The Right Types of Makeup for Sensitive Skin

Choosing the right types of makeup based on your skin type is important as it will determine your overall look and feel at the end.
22 Sep 2016   1,058

5 Easy Romantic Workouts for Married Couple

Looking to get healthier, fitter, lose some extra pounds and have fun at the same time?
22 Sep 2016   815

The Mistakes of Eating Yogurt That Will Make You Fat

Yogurt is a simple and delicious snack to grab whenever you're feeling the munchies.
8 Sep 2016   1,097

Excited for the Official Launching of the iPhone 7 This Month?

Entering September, as a tradition, Apple will likely to give a good news to the fans very soon. Hopefully it's the announcement of the new iPhone 7 that many people are waiting for.
1 Sep 2016   2,524

Love Travelling and Makeup? This How You Can Do Both Easily

Ladies should do makeup for it is your needs even you are travelling to somewhere else! Check this info to know how to keep your beauty while doing travelling.
31 Aug 2016   1,068

Pregnant? No Problem! You Can Still Be Fashionable!

To be fashionable while having little lovely one inside is still possible to be done to make you feel more gorgeous and outstanding to face your days.
30 Aug 2016   1,315

The Right Makeup to Make You Look Professional at the Office

Makeup is a girl's bestfriend (besides diamonds obviously). The right makeup not only enhances one's beauty and appearance but also covers up those areas we don't want to highlight.
11 Aug 2016   1,412

10 Family Must-Haves for When the Weather Gets Too Hot

Summer is upon us! Wait a minute, it's always summer here in Malaysia. True, we are blessed to enjoy beautiful hot and humid weather here all year round. But at times, it can be just too hot to handle.
30 Jun 2016   5,134

3D TV, TV Box or Smart TV? What's the Difference and Which to Get?

Again, we are facing another first world problem, which digital TV is the right one for our home? We have narrowed down and compare TVs from each class.
25 May 2016   1,212

Compare & Contrast - Digital Cameras for Landscape Photography!

Landscape photography, compared to other forms of photography, demands more from the camera. And that’s why it is important for you to pick the best digital camera for this sort of photography.
19 May 2016   1,236

Time to Splurge!!! How Many Items Can You Buy Online with RM200?

Who doesn't love to splurge? If we handed you RM200 this instant, what would you buy? How many items could you buy online with RM200?
16 May 2016   3,833

Choose the Best Fit Running Shoes for Your Perfect Exercise!

Running shoes are not only great for your routine exercise; they are also amazing style pieces! Here’s your comprehensive running shoes choosing guide
9 May 2016   2,170

Everything Game of Thrones

Here's everything you need to show the love you have for Game of Thrones!
25 Apr 2016   908

Malaysian Women Spends About RM130,000 on Shoes - What About You?

Surprise, surprise! Isn't it amazing to see how much women loves buying shoes? Have you bought a pair of shoes lately?
20 Apr 2016   2,105


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